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Monday, 22 April 2013

5 Steps to a Healthier You!

Memorial Day Weekend is less than a month away. Here are some tips to boost your health inside and out so you are swimsuit ready!

1)      Drink More Water
·      Bottom Line: Your body needs water to function correctly.
·      Benefits of Drinking Water:
o   It’s a zero calorie drink.
o   It acts as a natural detoxifier by flushing away unwanted toxins from the body.
o   It improves circulation, fat loss, and keeps your body temperature regulated.
o   It keeps you hydrated (which is important for glowing skin).
·      Don’t like the taste of water? Try adding a slice of Lemon.

2)      Limit Your Alcohol Consumption
·      Bottom Line: While drinking alcohol in small doses can have positive effects on your health, drinking an excess of alcohol is harmful to your body and mind.
·      Negative Effects of Alcohol:
o   Drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration.
o   Alcohol is a depressant. Therefore, it offers an initial kick followed by a crash.
o   Alcohol can damage your liver.
o   Like sugar, alcohol is unnecessary calories.
·      My advice: Take a break from drinking alcohol. You will feel recharged and your skin will benefit too.
3)      Consume Less Sugar
·      Bottom Line: Sugar = ANTIFOOD.
·      Negative Effects of Sugar:
o   Sugar is empty calories.
o   It can mess up your metabolism, insulin levels, and blood sugar levels. (A stable blood sugar level is important for a toned physique).
o   Sugar can affect your mood. Like alcohol, it can give you energy and then cause you to crash.
o   Current research links sugar to some types of cancer and diabetes.
·      My advice: Cut down your sugar intake by

o   Reading labels carefully to limit your sugar intake.
o   Using Stevia, a natural sweetener that come from a leaf in South America. It's much sweetener than sugar. Therefore, it is to be use in moderation. The bonus is that it has 0 Cal.

4)      Eat More Cruciferos Vegetables
·      Bottom Line: This "Green Family' is full of fiber and vitamins!
·      Benefits of Cruciferos Vegetables:
o   They contain plenty of sulfur, which helps detoxify the liver. A healthy liver = a healthier YOU! 

·      My advice: Incorporate more broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower into your diet.

5)      MOVE! 

·      Bottom Line: Keep your body in motion to burn calories and promote weight loss.
·      Benefits of Cardio:
o   It exercises your body and your heart.
o   It burns calories and promotes weight loss.
o   Sweating is a good way to flush all the bad toxins out of your system.
·      My advice: Run in the park, power walk on the treadmill, or try a spinning class! 

Use these five tips to become a healthier you!

Please remember to consult a doctor prior to starting any exercise program or making dramatic changes to your diet.

In Love and Fitness,


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