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I am dedicated to helping women all over the world to achieve their fitness goals. I found that it's very difficult for busy women to fit exercise into their hectic schedules. My method targets women's trouble areas like glutes, legs, abs, and arms with precise exercises and specific equipment that will chisel the muscles to perfection. The best part is that it only takes 30 to 45 minutes. It is the perfect workout: precise, efficient and time-saving!

Monday, 2 June 2014

5 Things to make you a Super-Women!

1)Stand Up and Stretch! First thing in the morning, wake your body up with a good stretch. Stretching will help you to keep your muscles long and supple. You will move like a gazelle for ever after!

2)Freeze your Body. Forget the urban myth that a good sweat will keep your waist trim. Being in a cold environment can boost the work of brown fat cells. By activating these cells you will burn more calories and kick your metabolism right up!! Swap a trip to the sunny beach for a ski holiday and literary freeze your butt off!!!!

3)Drink Water! Ditch the detox juice, green juice, coconut water… and drink water! Water is not only good for your wallet, but it will also keep you young! It will wash out the toxins from your body and offer you a natural detox. However if you suffer of 'Juice Addiction' try my booster:

The Vampire Blood Lifter:
2 Freshly squeezed Sicilian Blood Oranges
1 small glass of sparkly water
Half a glass of 100% Pomegranate Juice
5 Mint Leaves
Ice & Stevia to taste
Drink with a straw on a hot day!

4)Eat Green! Yes, you heard me! Eat greens! They add vitamins and antioxidants to your diet that slow down the ageing process. Protect your cells from free radical damage caused by exposure to certain chemicals, smoking, pollution, radiation or even toxins that are a byproduct of our environment! Go green and feel like a teen!

 5)Be a Sleeping Beauty. Have you ever heard of 'Beauty Sleep'? Sleep is not only good for your tired body, but it also keeps you young by regenerating your organs and cells. When you sleep your body produces a hormone called HGH, some people swear this hormone is the key to eternal youth! I'm going to get some…

Good Night and sweet dreams my beauty queens!

In Health and Fitness,


NB: This article was written for Doctor Maryam Zamani, Cadogan Clinic

Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring Clean Your Stress!

Spring is here and, as usual, you have started to have a throw-out of your unwanted clothes. You should also eliminate other unwanted things in life, namely stress!
Stop Stressing!

Did you know that stress is linked to weight gain, depression, sleep deprivation and even diseases like Cancer?

None of us want these in our lives, so de-stress your day with these 3 simple steps:

1      Eat the right foods

Eat stress reducing foods like blueberries or oranges. These amazing fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, which prevent spikes in blood pressure. By stabilizing your blood and insulin levels you can keep calm and carry on all day long!

Try my easy 'BlueOrange FruitBeetx" recipe:

1/2cup of  frozen blueberries
2 blood oranges, rind removed
1/4 pink grapefruit, rind removed
1/4 purple beet, scrubbed
1 tsp of flax seeds
1 mint leaf to garnish on top!
*Blend all the ingredients in the above order.
*Poor into a glass, garnish with mint leaf.
* Drink with a straw & digest with Love!

2       Exercise 

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress.
Go for a walk, join a gym class, lift weights!
Lower your cortisol levels by raising your endorphins. How?  Just put on your favorite song and hit the gym or the field.
*Warning: please refrain from hitting your noisy neighbor! Use a punch bag instead or a join a boxing class -it will definable help!

***Bonus: Star Gym in Battersea has all types of martial arts if you wish to expand you exercise repertoire. Check out:

3        Take a Break!

Is life overwhelming? Take 5min each day to breathe and be in touch with inner yourself. Meditate, breathe and repeat!! Meditation and breathing activities are proven to lower your stress levels. If you can't do it alone then join a yoga class and make sure you stay for the most important part: Shavasana!!

***Try yoga with Saskia on Sundays 12 o'clock at KX Private Club in Draycott Avenue.  She will make your Sunday Holy.

Na Maste!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

WEEKLY ATTACK to achieve your Goddess Body!

Set your Goals 
Set your goals and make your them possible! Start by making little changes to your daily routine. 
For example, switch your Starbucks Latte for a Green Juice at the new hot spot: 'The good life Eatery' on Sloane Avenue. Write your changes down and add a new healthy habit everyday. Kick the old and embrace the new! 

Embrace Life 
Unexpected things happen in life, so embrace it and do not let them discourage you. Beat them! If you planned to attend a yoga class at 9am, but your school-run makes you late because the traffic is so bad, do not quit! Go home and do it yourself! Have a DVD handy, it's like having a portable teacher, ready whenever you need it. If you feel too edgy to practice yoga then put on your favourite tune and dance until your feet hurt! It will get your heart pumping! Who needs a Zumba Class when you can have Beyonce sing for you? 

Make It Fun! 
Join a class instead of going solo. Sharing is part of the beauty in life! Spice up your weekly exercise routine by finding your perfect class and making new friends. Exercise Classes are a great way to be social and they add healthy competition. Try my BBC class to blast your butt, mood and spirit! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at KX Gym. Book Now: 

Plan Ahead 
School runs, work meetings and the social calendar are amongst the many things you have to juggle in life, so be prepared and plan ahead! Write down your priorities and stick to them. Everyday make a date with yourself: have a massage, a Personal Training session, 1hr shopping spree or lunch with your best friend. You come first! Without you nothing can exist, so find time for the most important person in your life. Have some ME time. By taking care of you, you are going to be even better at taking care of others!

Celebrate your Success 
You lost weight, your butt looks perkier, you kicked your sugar habit? YES. Then celebrate!!!                                                                                         Go for a date with your honey. Cook for your family. Go for a weekend break. Do what makes you happy. Life is celebrated when lived. Yes, you can!

I want only Goodness for my Goddesses,

In Love, Health & Fitness,


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

How to Survive the Party Season

It's that time of year again… The Christmas lights are up and adorning the streets, you are running through your endless gift lists & wish lists, your diary is fuller than the Prime Minister’s with festive social events and meetings, and you still need to take care of yourself, your family and organise the Holidays!

You can and You will! I call this the Wonder Woman Effect.

I'm sure you already know all the best-kept secrets to cooking an amazing turkey, and just how to select the perfect present for your BFF, but I want to share with you my little tricks to ensure your body is the kept as the perfect present to self: i.e. PERFECT! The holiday party food will be soon approaching you, and I urge you to refuse its persistence in order to keep you looking hot in your sparkling LBD. You don’t want cellulite in your stockings now do you?


  1. Make sure you set a daily date in the diary with yourself for a 30min workout routine. If you can spare longer, then please do. Do combos of arms, legs or abs, and remember that there is no excuse to miss your beauty regime. You will always regret NOT doing a workout more than doing it! You can find amazing quick efficient routines in my book: ‘The Ultimate Workout’, available from the 1st of December.

  1. Eat before you depart for your office party or social event. Finger food never keeps you satisfied and you can be sure it is all packed with unhealthy ingredients. Try to eat something small before you go, like a boiled egg, a few slice of turkey, or a handful of nuts to keep your sugar levels balanced and your tummy from bloating and/or running on empty.

  1. Make the right choice when browsing around the buffet table and choose your food wisely…. quail eggs, asparagus and prosciutto, sashimi, crudities, chicken skewers, avocado and crab meat… a few healthy staples we can hope a party menu has to offer. When possible, switch to these and forgo the pudding and the so-called treats. FYI I call them 'DE-treat'!

  1. Keep hydrated! Stick to water and if you cannot resist that glass of bubbles, please switch to a glass of red wine, full of antioxidants and resveratrol, which some say are the elixir of youth! My view is to always keep a glass of water handy. One glass of wine equals two glasses of water. Or as my Great Granny’s tip goes, mix half a glass of wine with half a glass of water. Or put ice in it. Or if you still like the bubbles, I suggest you put Pellegrino in your Vino!

  1. Let your hair down on the dance floor! Dancing is an optimal way to burn your calories and tone your muscles. Plus is a great stress reliever! Dance your booties off and shake it like Cyrus! ;)

  1. To keep your Christmas stress a bay, escape to KX SPA and treat yourself with a massage by the caring hands of Kirsty Connolly. Find her on Thursday and Sunday mornings or direct on your doorstep! Massage delivery anyone?

Now go and make me proud by looking amazing in that latest party number!

Happy Holidays,

In Love, Fitness & Health,


Useful Links: click on KXSPA 
Kristy Connolly: 07956 445236

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My 3 Days Detox Journey by Plenish Cleanse.

Dear diary,
My liquid Plenish Cleanse has just arrived.. the feelings of excitement and intrigue are overwhelming! Despite the nerves, I find it impossible to hold myself back from tearing open the first bottle. What oh what will this Plenish do for me? I can't wait to find out!
Given my health and wellbeing regime of eating clean, never smoking, never drinking, never consuming processed or sugary foods, and treating my body as my temple, you may think I'm not your typical candidate for a deep cleanse. But these days our poor systems are intoxicated by everyday stresses and pollution. Especially in a city like London. So a true cleanse, as I see it, is always necessary, and I'm excited!
Apart from necessity, I embarked on a juice cleanse as I wanted to experience Plenish first hand. All of my clients speak so highly of the produce and the system, so I was left with no choice. I just had to find out what all the fuss was about, and what made it different from the other juice cleanses out there. I occasionally suffer from digestive issues, so it also seemed the perfect remedy to give my organs a rest, and further alkalize my body. A happy tummy is a happy life!
Daily Journal
Day 1: I wake up after an amazing night of deep sleep. As usual I'm hungry upon waking, and I am more than ready to try my SWEET SEXY GREEN Juice! It taste great! I feel cold, so I warm up with some tea and get ready to start my day. I feel surprisingly sharp, energized, and experience an increase in bowel movement. With the detox in mind I plan to accompany this with a massage to take it further, and skip exercise that day. After my wonderful massage at KX Spa, I drink bottle number 4: CASHEW M*ILK. Amazing. So good that I decide to take myself out for window shopping and a light stroll. Sometimes this combo is the perfect cardio! ;)
Around 6pm I take a bath. I then realize that need to drink two more juices. OMG, this is lots of food! After my soak, and feeling the benefits of day one already, I feel relaxed and calm. As I'm always on the go, these are fairly new sensations for me to have. Loving this new found peace I go forward for juice number five. I accompany this with a lie down and catch up on some reading. 8pm comes and it's juice o'clock again. After my sixth meal of the day I feel a little nauseous and a nasty headache starts to show up. I try to combat it with a movie and chamomile tea. It doesn't work… so a head to bed, switch off the light, and call it a day. What will tomorrow bring?
Day 2: Slept amazing! Wake up good, energized, yet relaxed.... Happy Sunday! I notice that after my second juice, PINEAPPLE2, which is meant to heal digestion, that I always feel cold after it. I wonder what the link is? So, I decide to leave the Plenish Juice out of the fridge for 10 minutes before drinking, so not to shock my digestive system, and in the meantime I reheat myself with hot water and lemon. This is the winning recipe for me. Mystery solved, mission accomplished! Feeling sharp. Time to work on my recipe book! Later, after a hot bath, I followed with a walk, manicure, hot tea and movie with a friend. I brought my Sweet Sexy Green along as my third movie date ;) Continuing to feel great, I jump into bed, ready to start the week ahead.
Day 3: Slept amazing. AGAIN! I feel fantastic. To ease some stiffness though I start the morning with some stretches, grab juice number one, and go to work. Given my energy boost I decide to take part in a super intensive Yoga class at KX Gym with the amazing Stewart Gilchrist, and reward myself afterwards with the Cashew M*lk. This is a great post workout meal!
Feelings of wonder woman are coming over me! Wait. Am I her? I certainly feel like it! I work with clients until 7pm and then meet my friend/assistant/ amazing superwoman partner in crime to work on my upcoming recipe book. What a week of excitement! Next on the agenda is a hot bath and another early night. I can feel I'm starting to miss protein. My muscles are speaking to me as a result. They want more! Protein dreams for me…

Activities I used to boost my detox or make myself feel better:
Throughout the three days, the activities that I used to aid and boost my detox or which simply made me feel even better, were a massage, hot baths, shopping(!), walking, Yoga and Pilates.
Realisations I had during my juice Cleanse:
The impressive realisations I had during my cleanse were that I never experienced feelings of hunger, I felt energized and calm, my digestion was stronger than ever, and feeling of sickness were only experienced on day one, and passed quickly. All in all I'd say incredibly successful. I now see why all my ladies are wedded to Plenish!
If a three day cleanse isn't an option for you, I recommend at least starting to introduce a day where you only drink greens. See how much your organs will thank you for this rest. Liquid food is easier to digest and easier for your cells to absorb maximum nourishment, so perfect if you suffer from digestive issues, stomach acidity, IBS or a weakened immune system.
Juices I can see myself drinking as part of my daily routine:
Mind Body Green! Amazing taste and I like the ginger and lemon as they add an extra kick to it, kicking my system into full detox mode. Bring it on!
If you are Vegan I'd advise you to introduce the Cashew M*ilk as the perfect Post Workout Meal keeping your lean muscles fueled and happy.
Advice for other cleansers:
I believe that detoxing your body is great, and especially through quality juicing, but it's not a quick fix. You must eat clean everyday. Consistency is the key. And eating clean is the key to longevity and to a healthy body, mind and soul. A cleanse is not an excuse for binging before or after. But rather it is an efficient and healthy way to detox your body from unwanted toxin and to reboot your system. Keep it green, keep it lean!
Post Cleanse:

I still feel the benefits of my Plenish Cleanse one week later. Surely I have green blood running through my veins now!

I reintroduce protein back into my system straight after day 3 and kept it clean as always, coming back to my usual healthy eating regime.

I have not lost much muscles mass or weight, but that said, 1kg on a small frame like mine is a lot. Just remember that after your cleanse your stomach will shrink a bit, so do not overload it with food, or you will be more than likely to experience nausea and will reverse some of the benefits of the cleanse. Reintroduce food slowly and chew lots. Please do reintroduce your protein food sources so not to loose muscle mass and/or slow down your metabolism. Eat clean, stay lean!

With Plenish is all about health gain, not weight lost!

Useful Links:
Stewart Gilchrist teaches also at :

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Great Tips to Get Back to the City Life In-Style!

Welcome Back to the City!

Do days of sand, sea and poolside lounging feel oh too too too far away already? Does city life feel like it's taken it's toll already? And as for your fading tan, is the sight of it getting you down already?

Well fear not! I'm here with a few tips to help keep your Summer glow and spirit alive, and transition you back into city life....

Get Back into your city routine pronto! Without adding extra pressure to yourself, try and settle back into your 'healthy city' habits. Set that alarm clock to 7am and catch the fresh morning air: Go for a  brisk Walk!
Drink warm water add a squeeze of  lemon and say good morning to your digestive system. 
Unfold  your sleeping body with some beautiful stretches to boost it for the day ahead. 
Once you feel mind and body have woken up, give your soul an instant feel good factor by turning up the volume to your favourite summer tunes: let your hair down!
Then reward yourself for embracing the new city day with a scrumptious, healthy breakfast.

If you have been parting in Ibiza the chances are that you need a few days of a balanced food and beverage detox. I suggest to incorporate raw juices into your diet and stick to a clean and lean way of eating. By this I mean lean protein, vegetables, berries, nuts, avocados, and olive oil. Just for a week or so. Clearing your body will clear your mind!

The best way to maintain that feel good factor and that toned and tanned body that I want you to enjoy, is to keep on moving it. Get your beautiful booty through those gym doors! I understand that your wallet may be feeling a bit lighter after your holiday, and not so membership-fee friendly, but there are cheaper alternatives. Go to the park or build your own gym at home by investing in small equipment, pieces like dumbbells and an elastic band. Those two items alone will give you incredible results! Alternatively, there are joyful health spots like Lomax, Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing, on the Fulham road, which offer gym pods for only £10 an hour that you can rent out and even share with a friend. Can't beat a better deal than that all you gym bunnies!    
*Info at:

Doctor Maryam Zamani from Cadogan Clinic has kindly shared some amazing tips with us:       

'The summer months may have left us with dry, sun damaged skin and the fall is the perfect time to help rejuvenate our skin.  I believe in the following essential rules to a good skin care regimen:

1. It is important to treat our skin gently.  Cleanse your face gently with warm water.  Limit hot water as it strips natural oils from your skin.  Do not over cleanse and pat the skin dry.  I recommend using the Clarisonic Brush to help remove oil and dirt in a gentle manner.

2. Exfoliate on a regular basis, such as 2-3 times per week.  Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and helps improve hydration from moisturizers and sunscreen.  You can buy various exfoliates or you can make your own.  Some easy homemade exfoliators include brown sugar with milk, or handful of oatmeal and milk.  

3. Use an antioxidant with vitamin c on your face daily to penetrate deeper, to help combat free radicals caused by UV radiation and to help improve skin tonicity. 

4. Moisturise and protect your skin from sun damage with daily sunscreen protection with a minimum SPF of 30.  Even in the grey fall months of London, UV rays still penetrate through the clouds causing damage to the skin.

Lastly, once you have been out of the sun for a month, any remaining sun damage and pigmentation may be treated by a medical professional with prescription creas, peels, and lasers.

Thank you Maryam! I'm definitely going to visit you!

*For more info about Amazing Doctor Zamani contact:
Cadogan Clinic, 120 Sloane Street | London SW1X 9BW
T: 0870 864 8500

         Dr. Zamani at Work!                                                                              FG Back to City Life!

The cocktail of salt and sun never does wonders for your locks. So to recover your scorched strands from root to tip, my favourite remedy is to apply Argan Oil to dry hair for 30 minutes before shampooing, or leave on overnight for a deeper treatment. Your hair will drink the oil and reappear brand new with restored lustre.
Go on, embrace your return to the city and catch up with your city friends! Share your summer adventures whilst dining out on the finest ingredients. The city can be so beautiful in September, especially in the bright evenings, so make the most of its flattering lighting and show off your tanned body in your favourite summer dinner dress. 

Lastly, don't let yourself get down, next Summer will come around in no time and winter months have their charm (think knee-high boots ladies!).  So in the meantime, enjoy the city you live in and all it has to offer, enjoy finding your grounding routines again, and have a laugh along the way!! We all know it's the key to longevity :) 

….And remember, you are never alone. I'm always listening, because you are my priority!                            

In love and light

*Photo Credit for FG Back to the City Life: Michael Palmer

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

5 Tips to KEEP your BIKINI BODY!

You have worked out all winter, carefully watched your diet for months, and have finally reached a physique you are happy with. Go YOU!

Now you want to proudly show off that new Bikini Body on the French Rivera, and rightly so!

But don't let your hard work go to waste though.

Follow my TOP 5 magical rules to keep you Bikini Beautiful all year round:

1) Lean Protein

By eating chicken, white fish, egg whites, you will keep your muscles fed and happy. By maintaining your new long, lean and toned physique, you will fear no competition for that 'oh so' desired Bikini Body. Remember this motto: Strong is the new Skinny!

2) Keep Moving

By keeping your body in motion you will burn more calories, and keep your metabolism fired up. The choices are endless... run on the beach, play volleyball, swim in the sea... Just keep moving and celebrate your new body success. The summer sun is shining for YOU!

3) Drink Water

It's vital to keep hydration levels topped up at all the times, especially during the summer months. This will boost your metabolism and facilitate your bowel movements. Both are essential for a flat tummy. Say NO to bloated bumps!

4) Omega 3

By eating rich sources of omega 3, best found in salmon, avocados and flaxseeds, your body will in turn burn more fat. Healthy fats kill Bad fats, so R.I.P. baddies!

5) Laugh

We all know nothing beats a good giggle! Keeping happy and stressed free has many advantages. When stressed, your cortisol levels rise and your body reacts by holding on tight to body weight. This is not a desired outcome for a Bikini Body! So smile, laugh, let go, and marvel at just how your body will thank you :)

Enjoy Your Summer!

                                                                          Photo by: Michael Palmer                                        

In health and Fitness,


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