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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

5 Tips to KEEP your BIKINI BODY!

You have worked out all winter, carefully watched your diet for months, and have finally reached a physique you are happy with. Go YOU!

Now you want to proudly show off that new Bikini Body on the French Rivera, and rightly so!

But don't let your hard work go to waste though.

Follow my TOP 5 magical rules to keep you Bikini Beautiful all year round:

1) Lean Protein

By eating chicken, white fish, egg whites, you will keep your muscles fed and happy. By maintaining your new long, lean and toned physique, you will fear no competition for that 'oh so' desired Bikini Body. Remember this motto: Strong is the new Skinny!

2) Keep Moving

By keeping your body in motion you will burn more calories, and keep your metabolism fired up. The choices are endless... run on the beach, play volleyball, swim in the sea... Just keep moving and celebrate your new body success. The summer sun is shining for YOU!

3) Drink Water

It's vital to keep hydration levels topped up at all the times, especially during the summer months. This will boost your metabolism and facilitate your bowel movements. Both are essential for a flat tummy. Say NO to bloated bumps!

4) Omega 3

By eating rich sources of omega 3, best found in salmon, avocados and flaxseeds, your body will in turn burn more fat. Healthy fats kill Bad fats, so R.I.P. baddies!

5) Laugh

We all know nothing beats a good giggle! Keeping happy and stressed free has many advantages. When stressed, your cortisol levels rise and your body reacts by holding on tight to body weight. This is not a desired outcome for a Bikini Body! So smile, laugh, let go, and marvel at just how your body will thank you :)

Enjoy Your Summer!

                                                                          Photo by: Michael Palmer                                        

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