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Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring Clean Your Stress!

Spring is here and, as usual, you have started to have a throw-out of your unwanted clothes. You should also eliminate other unwanted things in life, namely stress!
Stop Stressing!

Did you know that stress is linked to weight gain, depression, sleep deprivation and even diseases like Cancer?

None of us want these in our lives, so de-stress your day with these 3 simple steps:

1      Eat the right foods

Eat stress reducing foods like blueberries or oranges. These amazing fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, which prevent spikes in blood pressure. By stabilizing your blood and insulin levels you can keep calm and carry on all day long!

Try my easy 'BlueOrange FruitBeetx" recipe:

1/2cup of  frozen blueberries
2 blood oranges, rind removed
1/4 pink grapefruit, rind removed
1/4 purple beet, scrubbed
1 tsp of flax seeds
1 mint leaf to garnish on top!
*Blend all the ingredients in the above order.
*Poor into a glass, garnish with mint leaf.
* Drink with a straw & digest with Love!

2       Exercise 

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress.
Go for a walk, join a gym class, lift weights!
Lower your cortisol levels by raising your endorphins. How?  Just put on your favorite song and hit the gym or the field.
*Warning: please refrain from hitting your noisy neighbor! Use a punch bag instead or a join a boxing class -it will definable help!

***Bonus: Star Gym in Battersea has all types of martial arts if you wish to expand you exercise repertoire. Check out: http://starsgym.co.uk/en/go/martial-arts

3        Take a Break!

Is life overwhelming? Take 5min each day to breathe and be in touch with inner yourself. Meditate, breathe and repeat!! Meditation and breathing activities are proven to lower your stress levels. If you can't do it alone then join a yoga class and make sure you stay for the most important part: Shavasana!!

***Try yoga with Saskia on Sundays 12 o'clock at KX Private Club in Draycott Avenue.  She will make your Sunday Holy.  http://www.kxlife.co.uk/club/gym/timetable

Na Maste!

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