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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nutrition During Pregnancy

With the royal family looking forward to a new baby, pregnancy nutrition has become a hot topic. Here are my tips to keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy.*

Nutrition is Key

There are many misconceptions about eating and weight gain during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an excuse to be fat or to start dieting. Optimal nutrition is key for the health of you and your baby. Without the right fuel your body won’t function and won’t be able to provide for you two.

My advice is to eat the right food often and in small portions. Eat every 2 ½ to 3 hours to keep your metabolism up and to avoid a drop in blood sugar. A stable blood sugar level is important to avoid overeating. Plus, it will decrease heartburn, which is very common during pregnancy.

Food List

Stick to these foods to create well-balanced meals that are full of nutrition for you and your baby!

Whole grains:
  •          Examples: Quinoa, millet, oats, brown rice, and whole grain bread
  •          Benefit: They are full of fiber, which keeps you full longer and increases your energy level.

Root vegetable:
  •          Examples: Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash
  •          Benefit: They are full of antioxidants, which is important for your little one to be born strong and healthy.

Animal Protein:
  •          Examples: Chicken, turkey, lean red meat, bison, white fish and salmon
  •          Benefit: These proteins are important for cell growth and for brain growth in the later stages of pregnancy. Plus, protein is important for maintaining muscle tone, which will help speed up your weight loss after the baby is born.

Vegetable protein:
  •      Example: Chickpeas, beans, and peas
  •         Benefit:  They are full of fiber and vitamins. They are also rich in iron and calcium, which is important for stronger bones.

Good Fat:
  •                     Example: Olive oil, avocado, and nuts like almond and walnuts
  •                     Benefit: They are full of fatty acids. Fatty acids help your skin to glow, cells to grow stronger, aid in digestion, and decrease inflammation in your body.

Other Tips

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy. Exercise will help with water retention, another side effect of pregnancy.

Most of all, listen to your body. There will be times when you get morning sickness, but just breathe and meditate. Remember how happy your baby will make you for the rest of your life!

In health and fitness,

*Please consult with your doctor before dramatically changing your diet or exercise routine.

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