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Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Delicious Nicoise Salad at Balthazar NYC

Today Emily, Anna, and I spent some quality time at the NYC restaurant Balthazar! There, I ordered a delicious Niçoise salad. The plate was full of nutrition and vibrant colors!

My Delicious Salad

 My Niçoise salad contained:
  •           Tuna
  •          Anchovies
  •           Eggs
  •          Avocado
  •          Olives
  •          Fennel
  •          Green Beans
  •          Red and Yellow Peppers
  •          Rocket Leaves

The tuna and anchovies are a great source of protein. In addition, the avocado, olives, and egg yokes provide good fats. Fennel aids digestion. Lastly, green beans, pepper, and rocket leaves contain fiber. Another healthy and nutritious meal!

Remember even on your busiest of days to take the time to eat a well-balanced meal. You’ll thank me later!

In Love and Fitness,


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