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Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Easter Tips for Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Happy Easter everyone! 

Today, I went with my New York family to a restaurant called Cipriani for Easter Brunch. Cipriani is located in downtown NYC. We had a great time and the food was delicious!

 My NY family enjoying Easter Brunch at Cipriani (From Left to Right: Billy, Nikke, Me, Emily, and Nigel).

Even though it can be challenging at times, I still keep my diet clean and enjoy healthy food even when I’m eating out. Follow my example, whether you are eating out for the holiday today or any day of the week!

For starters, I had Romana Artichokes. These are a great source of fiber and antioxidants. Artichokes have liver cleansing properties and also facilitate digestion. Plus, they taste amazing and remind me of home! My granny cooks them with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, salt, and parsley. Cipriani uses the same recipe! Yum :)

The Romana Artichokes were cooked just like my granny's!

For my main entree, I selected the grilled salmon and steamed green beans. Salmon is an excellent source of protein and healthy fat. I combined it with green beans to add fiber and a squeeze of lemon for the alkaline properties.

 This salmon was delicious and a well-balanced meal.

I am not a fan of desserts, so after lunch I had a green tea to clean my palate. Green tea adds an extra boost of antioxidants and fat burning properties to any meal. I added Stevia to mine for a sweet taste!

Healthy eating is all about the choices you make. Don't use any excuses when you go out! Just keep your diet clean and lean, and remember to always have fun eating!

In Love and Fitness,

The Sculpt Queen

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